Trigg County Voter Registration (Kentucky)

Trigg County Clerks maintain public records for a county or local government in Kentucky. In some states, Clerks play a role in carrying out public elections, working in connection with Boards of Elections and the Kentucky State election commissions. Clerks can process Trigg County voter registration applications and verify whether an individual is eligible to vote, and they maintain up-to-date lists of registered voters. Trigg County Clerks may also provide online information about how to register to vote or where to vote. Citizens may also be able to register to vote at a Clerk's Office.

Trigg County Clerk Cadiz KY 38 Main Street 42211 270-522-6661

Trigg County The primary responsibility of the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles, is to grant Kentucky driver's licenses and identification cards to KY residents, but the DMV also plays an important role in Trigg County voter registration. Citizens who want to register to vote in Trigg County can do so at the DMV, which will transfer the information, such as full name and address, to the local Trigg County Board of Elections or Trigg County Clerk's Office. This can be an easy way to register to vote while applying for a license or renewing a license. The DMV may also be known as a Trigg County DOL, or Trigg County Department of Licensing.

Trig County Clerk's Office Cadiz KY 38 Main Street 42211 270-522-6661

Trigg County Circuit Court Clerk's Office Cadiz KY 41 Main Street 42211 270-522-6270

Trigg County Boards of Elections are responsible for carrying out public elections, and one of their duties is to process Trigg County voter registration applications submitted by citizens in Kentucky. A Board of Elections certifies eligible voters in their particular jurisdiction and maintains an up-to-date list of registered voters in Trigg County. They also verify voter information and may contact registered voters to keep Trigg County voter list information current. Boards of Elections are usually operated at the county or local level, and may be known as a Board of Registrars.

Trigg County Board of Elections Cadiz KY PO Box 1310 42211 270-522-6661